Earn Affiliate Cash Instantly By Promoting HitsViral


Imagine Having Your Own Lead Generating System FREE Forever!

understand the need to try and make traffic exchanges more fun by adding games and dancing unicorns, and whatever else… But you CAN’T build your business on a gimmick. Somewhere, at the beating heart of your marketing mix, must be a solid traffic generator that you can rely on to get the job done. Your business needs a reliable system that condenses ALL the tools you need into one place. Your business needs a cutting-edge system that use VIRAL techniques to maximise your flow of traffic. Your business needs a flexible system that can bcustomised to feature YOUR branding. Your business needs… HitsViral


HitsViral is a powerful traffic exchange with three core features that, together, set it apart from EVERY other advertising exchange available.

1) Comprehensive Tracking

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, which is why smart Internet Marketers track all of their traffic exchange advertising. But whereas other marketers have to use a third-party site and pay a monthly fee for comprehensive tracking facilities, HitsViral members have free, unlimited access to a powerful tracking tool, built right into the members area.

Go to =>  http://hitsviral.com/myprofile.php?uid=8944  to learn more.

2) Viral BrandingThe webpages that members use to login to a traffic exchange are highly sought after “virtual real estate”. But the HitsViral owner, instead of selfishly keeping these pages to himself, allows you to add your own advertising to these pages so your downline can see YOUR branding, every time they log-in.

 Go to =>   http://u-click.it/2w3    to learn more.

3) Spillover Traffic

HitsViral is one of the most active traffic exchanges in existence. Why? Because when members surf a minimum of 25 pages per day, their HitsViral affiliate link is added to the owner’s promotional campaigns, working automatically to add to each active member’s downline. More downline members with a great incentive to surf every day means more downline activity and more spillover traffic.

Go to => https://hitsviral.com/r/trieusunghop  to learn more.

The traffic exchange industry needs some fun injecting into it every now and then. Nothing wrong with that. As long as you make sure you have at least one solid, effective traffic exchange sitting at the foundation of your online business. And you’ll struggle to find a more effective and reliable traffic exchange than HitsViral.

There’s a nasty little bug travelling around the Internet Marketing community that is becoming more common every day. You may have experienced it yourself. You find an amazing looking system that looks set to revolutionise your ability to generate traffic, or profits, or maybe both. And the best part? The asking price is peanuts! With nothing to lose you jump on board, but then you discover… The unexpected one-time-offer that explains that to make the system REALLY work properly you need this �special upgrade� that costs an extra 200 bucks. *****


You feel committed now, so you fish out the credit card again. But before you know it, you’re faced with yet another upsell. This time you discover that to make the system work for more than a few weeks, you also need this other tool that costs $47 per month.

Suddenly this great value system is looking less like a bargain and more like an excuse to bleed your bank account dry. But you know what I realised the other day? The traffic exchange industry has always been a  little bit like that. You join a traffic exchange for free and everything’s great to begin with until you discover that to make this thing work properly you also need: – A tracking system. – A URL rotator. – A downline builder. – And a separate system for generating referrals. Some traffic exchanges have tried to provide simplified versions of these tools but they’re usually pale impersonations that don’t offer the level of control and customisation that you need, leaving you with little choice but to pay for third-party solutions. This means more expense AND the hassle of juggling multiple programs. So it’s time to buck the trend� With a traffic exchange that includes COMPREHENSIVE versions of all of these tools, WITHOUT extra cost and WITHOUT scrimping on quality. Everything you need to make your traffic exchange system work, all in one place.

=>   http://hitsviral.com/myprofile.php?uid=8944

Your HitsViral Promo Wall is an easy way to earn referrals at HitsViral while promoting your sites at the same time! Your Promo Wall will show one site and one banner that you have at HitsViral with credits assigned to them. These extra hits do not deduct any credits from your sites.

All you need to do is promote this URL:


Earn Affiliate Cash Instantly By Promoting HitsViral We Pay Out Up to 30% Per Sale, We have already done all of the work for you. We created the product, we created all the promotional materials you see below, just use the banner ads to post to your blog and websites
Send the emails to your subscribers and members and you will be making money promoting this great product in no time. Use the tools below to claim your share of the thousands of dollars we have paid out in commissions So far

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Imagine Having Your Own Lead Generating System FREE Forever!

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